“I think this book is worth 10 Appalachian Trail memoirs.”

~ Evan “eWolf” Schaeffer – Evan’s Backpacking Videos (YouTube)


Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail is the perfect guidebook for someone wanting to hike the AT.

The book touches on just about everything you will need to know to start planning for a successful long-distance hike and will answer questions such as:


What is the Appalachian Trail?

Why do most people quit?

What animals should you be worried about?

How do you plan and budget for a 5-7 month hiking trip?

What permits will you need?

How do you hike 2200 miles without getting a blister?

What gear do you need?

How do you do the doo in the middle of the woods

Where should you NOT have sex when thru-hiking?


Even if you are not hiking the AT but have a loved one who is, you will find this book helpful in understanding what that loved one is taking on.”

~ Jessica “Snuggles” Rakestraw – DarwinOnTheTrail.com​ 

Paperback is available from Amazon.


Buy the eBook below:




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