Handmade bracelet by Chica. Lead-free solder is melted onto a penny, and then is hand-stamped with the AT symbol or “HIKE.” Strung on waxed thread with hematite, faceted and metallic seed beads with adjustable slip-knot closure.

All bracelets are adjustable; however, there are different sizes to ensure the best fit. Measurements are based on the snuggest/tightest measurement of your wrist at the smallest part of your wrist (keep in mind bracelet can be worn tight or loosely and is adjustable by one full inch).

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Our logo for the Chica & Sunsets Hostel represents hiking, exploring the outdoors and all nature has to offer.

Weather resistant and great for your car or your hiker water bottle.

Sticker is gloss and 3.5” x 3.5” Price includes shipping.


THRU-HIKING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL — 100 Tips, Tricks, Traps, and Facts $20

Are you interested in hiking the entire 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail, which stretches across 14 states from Georgia to Maine? Chica and Sunsets (who thru-hiked the trail in 2017) share their insights and personal stories in this easy-to-use guide. Their 100 tips, tricks, traps, and facts tell you everything you need to know to plan a successful thru-hike

This book also includes a full list of thru-hiker slang words, as well as four different hikers’ gear lists for you to peruse. THRU-HIKING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL is the perfect primer for anyone who wants to take this epic journey… and succeed.⁣⁣

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CHICAS ON THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL — Women-Specific Tips for Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail and Conversations with Badass Women Hikers $20

This is a book written for hiker-women by a hiker-woman. It is primarily for chicas wanting to thru-hike the AT but can also apply to ANY long distance hiking on ANY trail.

It includes tons of women-specific tips, addresses fears and safety concerns, and (the best part) has 12 interviews with recent badass women hikers!⁣

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WALKING THE CAMINO DE SANTIAGO FRANCÉS — 100 Tips, Tricks, Traps and Facts fro Walking the French Way $20

Not only is the 500-mile Camino de Santiago a pilgrimage trek across Northern Spain, but it is also an immersion into Spanish culture. Walkers experience exceptional cuisine, art, architecture, ancient history, and beautiful scenery – all while getting fit.

Greg & Jen share their tips and insights in this easy-to-read guide. The book also offers different viewpoints with six inspirational interviews with pilgrims – some who walked it solo, others as a couple, and even another as a family with kids! Walking the Camino de Santiago Francés is the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to be fully prepared for this pilgrimage and adventure⁣⁣.⁣

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