This post was initially a contest where we gave away a backpack strap water bottle holder. That giveaway has ended. Still, this is an incredible, useful product, please continue reading. 

All along our thru-hike we received oohs, ahhs, and questions about the water bottle holders we used that attached to the shoulder straps of our backpacks. Like all great products, this one solves a problem. Many hikers find it difficult, to near impossible, to reach their water bottles stored in the side pockets of the backpack. We heard this over and over on our long hike. Once, we even helped a hiker retrieve her water bottle because she couldn’t reach it; she had been reduced to taking her pack off every time she needed a sip.

Water bottle holders in the Whites

Hiker, Justin Anderson designed this as alternative to the side-pocket dilemma. His design, craftsmanship, and materials are all excellent and the product is ultra lightweight. We put our shoulder strap water bottle holders to the ultimate durability test and they lasted the entire 2,200 mile trip, enduring extreme weather and Sunsets’ less than kind treatment of gear.

We can’t say enough good things about Justin’s Water Bottle Holder!  Here are some photo’s from Justin’s Etsy shop that show what the holders look like, front, side, and back.

In this video Chica shows how to attach the water bottle holder to a backpack’s shoulder strap:

*Please note backpack shown in video is for our upcoming Camino de Santiago hike 🙂

The backpack bottle holders come in two different sizes, one for the 700 ML water bottle, and one for the 1 L water bottle (we have the 1 L size). Justin also makes a cell phone holder pouch that attaches to your shoulder strap the same way. The cellphone holder also has an additional (mesh) pocket on the front (perfect for hand sanitizer and chapstick) and measures 4″ X 7.25″ when laid flat and will fit most cell phones (even plus sized models without bulky cases).

Not only are these products great, we love supporting innovators and hikers who are trying to stay connected to the trail through their work. Oh, and Justin’s products are reasonably priced. You can find all of his gear here, on Etsy.

Good luck in your travels! — Chica & Sunsets



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