We typically shy away from working with other companies, but this is our 2nd time working with KÜHL. Why? We simply love Kühl clothing and outdoor wear – their products are well made, last forever and just look – cool. So when they approached us recently and asked if we wanted to try out some of their jackets/pants, how could we say no?

Chica is sporting the Spyfire Hoody (size M, color blackout):

My Mom actually has had this puffy (with no hood) for over 7 years now and STILL loves it. She says it’s slimming and stylish – and I agree. I have tried many puffy’s over my lifetime as a thru-hiker – Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer, Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow, Patagonia Nano Puff and even a more affordable (but heavier!) one – the 32 Degrees Lightweight Poly-Fill Jacket. This Kühl Puffy is my all around favorite – because I can wear this hiking just as easily as wearing out to dinner! While not as light-weight as the Mountain Hardwear or Patagonia, it is classy as well as comfortable – and doesn’t weigh that much more. 

Besides it looking “cool,”, I love the cinched waist (more feminine fit!) and slightly longer torso. Some more features I love – all the pockets – besides the 2 front hand pockets, it has a spacious one on one sleeve, and one inside pocket. The hood has two toggle cords at the front to cinch it down tight if it’s windy or cold out and also a cord in the back of the hood to fit it tighter or looser. The jacket also has stretchy gusseted material under the arms which is great for this high movement (and sweaty!) underarm area!  All in all – a really great jacket! 

Next up we have our male model – Sunsets is wearing the RADIKL pants (size 38/34, color carbon):

Admittedly, I am a shorts guy. Thirty degrees out, no problem … shorts. That said, as I age I am finding myself wanting pants as my outdoor wear in the fall and spring when temps are a bit cooler. Over the past year I have tried pants from Mountain Hardwear, The North Face, and now KÜHL. The KÜHL Radikl wins as my favorite pair of pants to wear, especially on hikes. The pant is a perfect fit. Other pants, even when you buy using your exact measurements, just don’t fit. Sometimes the butt area is too saggy and sometimes, inexplicably, the length is way too long or too short – even when choosing my exact inseam.  The KÜHL pants really fit me perfectly. Made with a bit of stretch the pant just feels right especially when off on a hike – the typical restricted movement of other pants are not an issue with these. 

On my review of the Men’s Konfidant Air shorts I noted the button closure would sometimes pop undone. This is not the case with the Radikl pants – that button is solid and won’t come undone. I am not a fashion conscious guy – just ask Chica, but I love the look of these pants. While I will mostly where these when hiking I would feel very comfortable hitting a brewery or casual restaurant after the hike in them. 

Here is Chica in the Italian Fleece Flight Jacket (size M, color stone)

Wearing this jacket is like wrapping yourself in a cushy cloud – it is so soft and warm!  Lots of pockets and zippers. There is a hood that is stored in the back collar with a dual zipper – genius! When the hood is secured inside the collar, it makes the collar stand up which I like the look of. And if it’s cold out, the hood will definitely warm you up. It also has thumbholes – my favorite thing in a jacket or hoodie. Having thumbholes simply keeps your hands warmer when it’s cold out. And the sleeves are long enough to comfortably fit over my thumbs. 

There are two normal hand warmer pockets as well as two smaller pockets on the upper chest (I could put some cash or credit cards in here). I will probably not use this for hiking, because it is simply too nice! Luxurious and stylish – I will definitely be wearing this out to dinner or on the town.

Lastly, Sunsets is sporting the Spyfire Hoody (size L, color carbon):

For the past year, Jen and I have been trying a ton of gear for our upcoming PCT hike. One piece I still have not decided on is my puffy jacket. The puffy will be used in the Sierras as well as the Washington portion of the trail. I have other solutions for the desert and N. California/Oregon, as I will just not need the warmth there. So, the choice had been between a Patagonia synthetic Nano Puff, a Mountain Hardwear Ghost Shadow synthetic, and this Spyfire from KÜHL with 800 fill goose down. I prefer down in a puffy, especially on the PCT as it is a historically dry trail, as down is lighter. Two things that are leaning me in the direction of the Spyfire; first, is the versatile hood. It is extremely adjustable and I can cinch it down many ways for a custom and perfect fit, secondly, I love all the pockets, most of which I would use to store a myriad of snacks 🙂 The only negative to the KÜHL jacket is … it’s almost too nice for hiker trash and I KNOW I will want to continue wearing it after our PCT thru and if I were to take it with me I would probably destroy it. I guess, in all, I am still trying to decide on my puffy for the PCT, but am very happy I have the Spyfire available in my quiver. 

We are thrilled to be able to try this clothing out. Our experience has reinforced our opinion on Kühl clothing – not only are they rugged, functional and fashionable – they are COOL!

DISCLOSURE: Though Kühl provided this clothing/outerwear to us, our reviews and thoughts are 100% our own. Chica & Sunsets opinions and thoughts are never for sale!


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