Hello from Wisconsin! We are just days away from the beginning of our Ice Age Trail thru-hike. We wanted let everyone know of changes we’re making on our YouTube channel – moving away from distracting and annoying Adsense ads and into a viewer supported Patreon.

For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a monthly subscription used to support creators/artists of all kinds. Making daily videos is time consuming: it requires taking footage with specialized equipment and a labor-intensive editing process. If you find our videos entertaining and helpful, please consider a $5 monthly subscription (subscribers get exclusive content on the Patreon platform). We are almost 50% to our first goal of $50 in monthly subscriptions, at which time we will remove all ads from future videos.

Check out our gear video for the Ice Age Trail and a short introduction to Patreon:

Click here to see our Patreon.

Thanks as always for supporting our projects and us! — Chica & Sunsets

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