Day 95 (June 24th) – 14.8 miles to Rocky Mountain Shelter. Had wonderful breakfast at B&B, and good weather today. Met Jim Tabor who had been holding one of his carved spoons for me, and he made one for Sunsets as well (and he brought us ice cream sandwiches!). Super nice guy (IG: jim_tabor). Gearing up for a big day tomorrow. 
Day 96 (June 25th) – 26.4 miles! We did a whole marathon (26.2 miles) today! We also passed the REAL 1/2 way point today, so we are now officially closer to Maine than GA! Woot woot! Great day of hiking today, plus we got a burger at Pine Grove Furnace, plus I met a girl from my AT Women’s Group who was in the area today (Ann – good to meet you!). 
Day 97 (June 26th) – 15.3 miles to campsite on edge of Boiling Springs, PA. Good weather. Pretty good terrain (though got an intro to the Pennsylvania Rocks). Ran into Moonbeam whom we started with on March 22nd, but hadn’t seen since Hiawasee, GA, and hiked with her into town. Met up with Tom Willard tonight (we’ve watched Tom’s YouTube videos for the last two years and have since become friends), he took us out for a fabulous meal and then frozen custard. Tenting tonight and will do short hike into town tomorrow for a Nero. 
 Day 98 (June 27th) – 0.8 miles into town, Nero, hung with Tom and checked into Allenberry Resort. 
Day 99 (June 28th – 18.1 miles. Lots of flowers and farmland today, beautiful weather (full sun but cool, not humid). Rocks start tomorrow!
Day 100 (June 29th) – 18.3 miles. We got introduced to the Pennsylvania rocks today (this is why they call it “Rocksylvania”), and so far, they’ve been like all the other rocks we’ve already tackled. It makes for a slow and hard-going day, though. The trail went through Duncannan today, and we had lunch there and picked up a package from my Mom (new shoes for Sunsets! and jerky and Mountain House treats!). Thanks Mom!!
Day 101 (June 30th) – 17.9 miles to campsite before Rausch Gap Shelter. Semi-hard day today, and I know we haven’t even gotten to the real Rocks yet. Got to camp and set up tent just before a down pour. It was quite windy and a tree limb fell on our tent and broke a part of the tent frame. We duct taped it and it held through the night (thank goodness!). No cell service last night so making calls and trying to figure out what to do today. 
Day 102 (July 1st) – 4.8 miles to Rock & Sole Hostel. Tom Willard helped us find a place to get off trail to for our tent repair. Turned out a fellow hiker staying at the hostel had a tent pole sleeve that he wanted to give us! So nice, as we would have had to order one and have it sent priority mail. The Family Man is our hero!  
Day 103 (July 2nd) – 18.4 miles. Had a great breakfast and morning at Rock & Sole Hostel, and a bit later start to the day. Officially into the rocks now, was hard but not awful. We were happy to stop walking tonight though! Ran into our pal Zero Hero today, so nice to hike with him today. Would you believe we have less than a thousand miles to go to Katahdin?? (990.5, to be exact)!
Day 104 (July 3rd) – 18.5 miles to Port Clinton. Hard day, lots of rocks. Tenting at pavilion in middle of town, which is offered to hikers. Catching a rod to town in a bit to get something to eat. Glad to be done walking today!
Day 105 (July 4th) – 14.8 miles to Eckville Shelter Campsite. Another hard day, but got some beautiful views today! Saw another rattle snake.
Day 106 (July 5th) – 16.4 miles. Happy Birthday Mom!! Another hard day, but we did great. Saw two black snakes today. Knife’s Edge was crazy! 
For pictures or videos, search for “Appalachian Trail Tales” on Facebook and YouTube. 

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