Day 9 (Mar. 30th) – 0 miles, zero day at Budget Inn, Hiawassee, GA. Had breakfast at Subway. Had coffee at Subway, the hotel office, and Starbucks! Went to grocery store for a few resupply items (also had a bounce box shipped here of excess food we had left over from Neel’s Gap). Met Alison, a girl from my AT Women’s Group, staying at Budget tonight and a couple who was following us on Instagram – Ziplock and Betsy. Had Mexican food for dinner, was great and cheap!
Day 10 (Mar. 31st) – 10.4 miles. Unicoi Gap to Sassafras Gap. Today was our longest day so far at 10.4 miles and we were fueled by our zero day yesterday and a good Mexican dinner last night. We did well, despite a later start (9:45 am) and made it into camp by 4:00. We were tired by the end of the day but that’s to be expected. It’s windy here tonight but no rain! 

Day 11 (Apr. 1st) – 10.8miles. Sassafras Gap to Plumorchard Gap. Today was a doozie. It seemed liked we were going uphill all day! We are exhausted but we did it. We had trail magic at lunch time which lifted our spirits. Day started out very cold and windy and ended up very hot and sunny – crazy. 

Day 12 (Apr. 2nd) – 12.2 miles. Plumorchord Gap to Standing Indian Shelter. Whoa first 5 miles we were climbing! Hard day and our longest yet but we felt better than yesterday! We are now in North Carolina! Just 13 more states to go!

Day 13 (Apr. 3rd) – 7.6 miles in rain rain rain and mud! Got poured on and was very cold out. Finally got to a shelter and hung out with some boy scouts and other thru-hikers and tried to warm up. One guy had hypothermia and someone gave him an emergency blanket and he warmed up. After break in the rain we set up our tent and now just snuggled in our dry clothes and layers trying to stay warm! Tomorrow should let up and we are attempting 12.2 miles to Rock Gap where our friends Debi and Jim will pick us up to spend some time with them in Franklin. 

For pictures or videos, search for “Appalachian Trail Tales” on Facebook and YouTube. 

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