Day 82 (June 11th) – 20.7 miles to Blackrock Hut (our biggest day yet)! Saw our first bear today! It was a cub and about 30 yards away and ran away from us. It was a hot day, 85 and sunny. We ran into friends we made our first week out here, but hadn’t seen since the first 100 miles – Many Miles and Giggles (and her dad, visiting from England this week). Good day, hard day. No water the last 13 or so miles and we were completely out by the time we got here tonight (but knew there was water here – and it is delicious! Cold and right out of a spring!). 
Day 83 (June 12th) – 21.4 miles to Hightop Hut – our biggest day yet. We hit the 900 mile mark today! We saw a deer and a rattle snake and ate at our first Wayside in the Shenandoah National Park. It was a long, hard day. Very hot out and buggy (gnats hovering in front of our faces). Everyday has its challenges out here. 

Day 84 (June 13th) – 11.6 miles to Lewis Mountain Campground. Listening to our bodies and took it a bit easy today. Still hard day – lots of uphill in hot and humid weather. Campground is for “normal” people, so has a little store, coin showers and laundry. Not much else to report. The heat and bugs are making this hard, along with many few other ailments… 
Day 85 (June 14th) – 16.7+ miles to somewhere past Skyland Resort where we are currently having a drink and burger/wings. Much better day today! My feet and knee is feeling better, weather was cooler (thundered all day but no rain yet) and terrain was pretty nice until about 3 miles ago (rocks/climbing). Will stealth camp somewhere just past here. 

Day 86 (June 15th) – 18.4 miles to just past Elkwallow Wayside. Cool weather, rain held off all day except for a little sprinkling. Got to the last Wayside of the Shenandoah’s before it closed tonight, we’ll be out of the park tomorrow. Saw a deer and two small grey snakes today, deer was very tame. Stealth camping tonight.
Day 87 (June 16th) – 19.3 miles in the rain. Miserable day. Hiking 19 miles alone is hard, but add a constant rain? No fun. 

On the positive side… I got nothing. Maybe tomorrow. 
Greg called today his worst day yet. 

Day 88 (June 17th) – 0 miles / zero day in Front Royal. Rested, relaxed, ate, bathed.  

Day 89 (June 18th) – 20.8 miles to just past Ashby Gap. No rain but humidity was sweltering. Greg got heat rash again, may be a reoccurring thing. We got trail magic today!! Hadn’t seen for a long time, and was a very welcome sight on this sweaty day! Saw two large rat snakes. 

Day 90 (June 19th) – 12.7 miles to just past Bear’s Den Rocks. Big day today – passed the 1,000 mile marker! Did most of the Roller Coaster – a 13.5 mile section of severe ups and downs. The Roller Coaster is hard! Especially in this humid weather. We just barely threw our tent down when it started pouring out. Day ended early, but we are not hiking in the rain. Tomorrow we’ll hike into Harper’s Ferry, the symbolic half-way point, where we are meeting a friend-turned trail angel!
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