Day 65 (May 25th) – O miles, Zero day, Pearisburg, VA. Greg got some kind of food poisoning (we think from Mexican restaurant yesterday) and was up all night. Feeling better today but rested all day. Glad we are taking zero today! Hopefully he will be back to normal tomorrow. 
Day 66 (May 26th) – 14.9 miles Pearisburg to campsite. Happy Birthday to Chica! Greg still not feeling perfect. Day was cool and windy, bit of sun. Rain forecasted for tomorrow and Sunday, trying to keep our spirits up. 

Day 67 (May 27th) – 14.6 miles to stealth camp site. Today was a hard day, mainly because of the terrain – rocks and boulders and stream crossings and mud. Rain held off all day which was nice. 

Day 68 (May 28th) – 15.8 miles to Sarver Hollow Shelter. Saw the 2nd to biggest tree on the AT today (300 yrs old, 18′ around) and got two trail magics! Saw three deer today! Another hard day, but we dodged the rain again.

Day 69 (May 29th) – 16.1 miles to Pickle Branch Shelter. Saw a baby rattle snake today, I stepped over it and didn’t even see it. Got trail magic and met Grateful and his family. It was a good day! 

Day 70 (May 30th) – 16.0 miles to Pig Farm Campsite. What a day! Most exhausting and most rewarding. We hit 700 miles today! Dragon’s Tooth area was the hardest rock climbing we’ve done. McAfee Knob was so awesome to see finally in person! We are exhausted and hurting but happy. 

Day 71 (May 31st) – 15.5 miles to Daleville, VA. The trail was so much nicer today, which we really needed after yesterday. Hiked with Single T all day and got to Daleville just as it started raining. Shower, eating, celebrating Chica’s birthday, and laundry are on the agenda. Zero today tomorrow. 

For pictures or videos, search for “Appalachian Trail Tales” on Facebook and YouTube. 

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