Day 58 (May 18th) – 15.1 miles from Mount Rogers Visitor Center to stealth camp sight. Great day hiking today! Got a later start because of shuttle and it was hot out. Got trail magic at the old school house!, then kept hearing about “the barn” restaurant that the AT passed and stopped there for a late lunch. Haven’t eaten any of the food we resupplied with today, but we are happy. 
Day 59 (May 19th) – 14.7 miles to Lick Creek. Lots of uphill today and very humid weather. Rained over lunch time, we made it to a shelter just in time to take cover. At campsite tonight by river with Roar, Sushi Roll and Single T. 
Day 60 (May 20th) – 16.4 miles to Jenkins Shelter. Lots of climbing. Lots of heat. Thunder and threatening thunderstorms but we missed them. Saw a raccoon and a small snake. There were frogs ribbiting around a pond. Water was scarce this afternoon. Just another day on the AT. We aren’t seeing that many hikers right now because Trail Days is going on in Damascus; however we leapfrogged with 4 of our friends today, so that was cool. 
Day 61 (May 21st) – 11.3 miles to Bland, VA. Very wet and rainy day today. Used my hiking umbrella today and it worked great. Staying at Zero Days Hostel, ran by a guy (Nature Boy) who thru-hiked last year. Waiting for post office to open tomorrow morning (for a care package!) and then will get back on trail tomorrow. 
Day 62 (May 22nd) – 20.2 miles (this is not a typo!). Biggest mileage day ever AND we hit the 600 mile mark today (seems like we just hit 500 miles the other day!). Day started with a breakfast made by thru-hiker Yoda at Zero Days Hostel, then went to post office and got an amazing care package from our friends Anje & Tim (you guys rock!). After rearranging and packing our food bags, our hike started with great weather and good terrain, and eventually our 12/13 mile plan started turning into more. We planned it so we knew we could make it to a camp-site before dark and could stop earlier if we felt like it. We are high on life right now!
Day 63 (May 23rd) – 15.7 miles. Today was miserable. Rained all day long. Still going now (just before dark as I type this, between two snoring guys in a shelter). Low spirits today. 
Some positive notes: We made really good time today, despite the rain and a lot of boulder hopping. It didn’t pour. It was cold, but not hypothermia-cold. We saw a turkey and her babies (turkeylings?). We got to a shelter at our stopping point and spent night in it for first time (we first had all to ourselves and then 3 other guys joined us). There was a perfect saying in the shelter – just for me. We didn’t have to set up our tent in the rain (nor take down in rain next morning). We had awesome coffee and a hot meal to eat from our care package friends Anje & Tim. We only have 8.3 miles to do tomorrow to get to Pearisburg (even though this rain is not stopping anytime soon). 
Day 64 (May 24th) – 8.3 miles. No pain. No rain. No Maine. Another miserable day. BUT we made it to Pearisburg, VA and are now warm and dry. Thinking of taking a zero tomorrow. We are worn down with the cold rain and is supposed to rain more tomorrow. Got our first hitch hike into town today with Sandals (nice young guy we met a couple days ago and hiked with a bit today). The guy that gave us a ride was wearing a Packer hat!

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