Day 36 (Apr. 26th) – 13.1 miles from Laughing Heart Hostel to Deep Gap. Well we got a break from the rain, full sun and HOT, 84 degrees. ALL up hill from Hot Springs, at least it felt like we went uphill – all day long. Surprisingly, my feet feel GREAT! I think the key is a bed, shower and laundry the night before. Greg is exhausted. We are having lasagna for dinner and then will lie down in our tents and test! ⛺️
Day 37 (Apr. 27th) – 14.1 miles to Jerry Cabin Shelter. Made it here and fired up our dinner right before the rain. Rained a bit off and on all day as well. Sunset’s birthday today (will celebrate more tomorrow on a non-rainy day). Met Mother Goose, she is a trail legend and has thru-hiked 5 times (this is her 6th) and was the first woman to yoyo (hike the whole trail north and then turn around and hike it south) in 1991, she is amazing. Good hike today, most challenging part was a one mile “rocky and strenuous” part on an exposed ridge line. It was crazy boulder climbing – for one whole mile! We both feel good today. Oh, also passed the 300 mile mark!!
Day 38 (Apr. 28th) – 13.3 miles to Big Flat campsite (mile marker 313.6). Full sun today and hot. Trail nice most of day, but lots of uphill (always). A nice 3 mile uphill towards the end of our day. Had trail magic – ice cream and coke! Campsite to ourselves (for now), good night for Greg’s birthday cigar and wine. 

Day 39 (Apr. 29th) – 12.6 miles to stealth campsite (mile marker 326.2). Very hard uphill climbing in hot sun all day. Greg struggled but rebounded in the afternoon. Big Bald was totally beautiful! A bunch of us laid down and relaxed at the top. Big day tomorrow, 16+ miles into Erwin, TN where we will take a much needed zero!

Day 40 (Apr. 30th) – 16.6 miles into Erwin, TN, our biggest day yet! Sun was out again but more shade today and less uphill climbing (i.e. not all day long), we did 10 miles by lunch and finished up strong by 4:20 and got a shuttle in to the Super 8. Showers, eating, laundry are in order! We both felt strong, today was a good day. Greg says today felt easier than yesterday. 
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