Day 33 (Apr. 23rd) – took a day off and stayed at the hostel one more day – flash flood, thunderstorms and high winds called for all day and night. This place is not a great place to take a zero, but we made coffee this morning (on our stove, as the tiny communal kitchen was packed), are doing some writing and journaling, did some repairs, studying of the guidebook, reading, took showers, and will cook a yummy meal tonight on our stove. Headed out tomorrow to hit Max Patch!

Day 34 (Apr. 24th) – 14.1 miles from Standing Bear Hostel to mile marker 264.2 – our highest mileage day yet. Rain held off all day until we got to camp and set up tent and ate dinner. We are stealth camping tonight! It is flat and beautiful. We saw Max Patch today but it was totally fogged in, no views and pretty cold. We hiked 10 miles before lunch today. We are getting stronger, faster and better. Tomorrow we have a shorter day into Hot Springs. 

Day 35 (Apr. 25th) – 8.9 miles from our stealth camp site to Hot Springs, NC. We thought today would be easy, but every time we think that, the trail surprises us. We are at Laughing Heart Hostel and luckily a private room opened up (we were going to tent out). Laundry, showers, post office and eating are in order! Not sure if we’ll stay another day or hike tomorrow. The actual trail goes through the town of Hot Springs and we’ve been looking forward to being here for a while now!

For pictures or videos, search for “Appalachian Trail Tales” on Facebook and YouTube. 

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