Day 18 (Apr. 8th) – 12.0 miles from Rock Gap to Wine Spring Campsite. We said goodbye to Debi and Jim today, our gracious friends and hosts in Franklin. We can’t thank them enough for having us! Today our friends Caryn and Keith, from Kentucky, met us at the start and hiked with us today. They are awesome and brought us homemade trail mix (3 different kinds) and made us gourmet rice and beans with Fritos for dinner – and did I mention wine?? So good!! I hope we didn’t wear them out with the 12 mile hike today, but it was so good to have their company. They are spending the night and then will hike back to their car tomorrow (from where we started from today)!

Day 19 (Apr. 9th) – 13.4 miles from Wine Spring Camp to Wesser Bald Shelter, our biggest day yet. Only trying to do 12 miles days this week but this one worked out to a bit longer between camp places. It was a beautiful day, full sun and our friends Caryn and Keith sent us off in style with camp fire coffee this morning. Day was very hard on Greg, Jen was good but tired in the end. We’ve decided we do not like 2 mile uphills at the end of day! Campsite full tonight!

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