Day 14 (Apr. 4th) – 12.2 miles from Carter Gap Shelter to Rock Gap. It was a beautiful day today! Sun was out, weather cool, terrain pretty even (except a few spots), we made it to the 100 mile marker, and are with our friends Debi and Jim in Franklin now!! Awesome day.
Days 15, 16 and 17 – extended our zero day to three zero days because of snow and freezing temps on the trail. Stayed with our awesome friends Debi and Jim (who we met while living in Costa Rica and now they just moved to Franklin last week!). They shared their new home with us, which is a comfy and quaint cabin type home in a quiet hilly area just outside of the Franklin city limits. They showed us around Franklin, Sylva and Waynesville – all really cute towns that all happen to have some good breweries too! We have loved hanging out with Debi and Jim again, so comfortable and fun!!
We are ready to get back on the trail early Saturday morning!
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