Day 1 (Mar. 22nd) – 9.0 miles. Approach trail to Springer Mountain Shelter. Approach trail was hard, you guys! It just about kicked our butts except that – we kicked its ass! 604 steps to top of waterfall and then 7.7 miles uphill after that to Springer Mt. The Springer Mt. shelter is lovely and we got our chores all done for the first time and all went well (tent set up, water filtered, dinner cooked, bear bags hung). 
Day 2 (Mar. 23rd) – 7.0 miles. Springer Mt. Shelter to Hawk Mt. Campsite. First leg was easy and level and beautiful, but last couple miles were hard uphill, lots of roots and rocks. We were sore and exhausted after today!! This site is really nice with 30 tent sites, a new privy and bear boxes for our food. We both had loaded mashed potatoes tonight and they were awesome!

Day 3 (Mar. 24th) – 8.4 miles. Hawk Mt. campsite to Gooch Mt. Shelter. This was a hard day. Started with three little hills then two big mountains. But we did it. Feeling tired/sore a bit later into hike than first day so maybe it’s getting better. We are loving it out here and having the time of our lives!
Day 4 (Mar. 25th) – 9.6 miles. Gooch Mt. Shelter to Lance Creek Campsite. Today was a great day! We both felt good (bodies and feet still got sore, but they are getting tired later and later into our mileage). We had two trail magic as today!! Breakfast AND lunch! Amazing and wonderful. Great people who do this for the thru hikers. Tonight at small campsite but there are other familiar faces here. No privy but there are Bear cables. Expecting rain tonight and tomorrow. Tomorrow will be hard – we have to tackle Blood Mountain (which will be even harder in the rain). 

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