Every once in a while we are approached by outdoor companies to try their hiking gear. We usually don’t have time or an interest to do this, but when KÜHL reached out to us, we thought, well – COOL!

Chica is sporting the Women’s Kontour Short 4” in Pavement:

Here’s her thoughts: I wasn’t expecting to like these shorts as much as I do! I like how these look even though they are shorter than I usually wear (KÜHL does offer these in an 8″ length as well, and I would probably prefer that). They are quite comfortable when hiking shorter distances (5 miles or so). The fabric and waistband is quite stretchy – which I love.  The front pockets are handy, and they also have two back pockets. The closure is a sturdy snap and zipper, and the inner waistband has a drawstring (in case of that thing many pray for – weight loss!).

These work great for me on shorter hikes, but if the temperature goes above 80° F or if I was hiking bigger miles and sweating more, I could foresee chafing issues for my inner thighs.

Besides this pair of shorts, the only other KÜHL clothing I’ve tried is my Mom’s puffy jacket which she wears all Wisconsin-winter long (and I steal whenever I visit in the winter!).

Sunsets is sporting the Men’s Konfidant Air Short 10” Inseam in Ink Black:

Here’s his thoughts: Recently, a friend was in town who we hadn’t seen since our 2017 AT thru-hike. As the night wore down, we took a picture to commemorate the visit. The next day we pulled out a photo taken of the same group in 2017 and I was not surprised to see I was wearing the same shorts in both pictures. Not just the same style and brand, but the same exact pair.

I’m very much a function over fashion guy and once I find something I like I stick with it. I have eyed KÜHL clothes for some time but had never pulled the trigger and then this opportunity arose to try a pair of shorts from the brand and we took it.  

I wore the shorts on multiple hikes on both the Bartram Trail and Appalachian Trails and they performed better than I expected as an active pair of shorts. And, because they look so good (Chica says so too) I wore them out and about town a few times.

A few observations: First off, the fit was near perfect. I am a big guy, standing 6’3”and weighing 230 pounds. All the KÜHL models on their website are down-right skinny. I was concerned the 38” waist I ordered would be vise-like and unwearable, but the shorts fit true to size. Secondly, the material feels great against my skin – even on a warm day hiking for hours the fabric was pleasant and I did not chafe. Thirdly, the 10” inseam was perfect for my tall frame coming down to aright above my knee.

The only distraction from perfection for me was the fashioned circular button closure. It looks cool, but under stress – bending or squatting – can come undone. Granted, it didn’t happen often and it was easy enough to quickly re-snap but it is a ding on otherwise perfect shorts.

All in all, these shorts are not only functional but they look great and can be dressed up for a night on the town. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing these KÜHL Konfidant Air Shorts four years from now.

DISCLOSURE: Though Kuhl provided these shorts to us, our reviews and thoughts are 100% our own. Chica & Sunsets opinions and thoughts are never for sale!

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