Sunsets and I just recently walked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago across Northern Spain. It was such a great experience! Besides the daily hiking, we thoroughly enjoyed the ancient architecture seen in the churches and buildings, the food (and wine!), the people we got to meet from all over the world, and the adventure of seeing a new country for the first time.

Many of you have asked us “was it similar to hiking the 2, 200-mile Appalachian Trail?”  Well, see for yourself…

Here is a comparison between the Appalachian Trail (AT) and the Camino.






View upon first waking in the morning:



So, as you can see, the Camino was as different as you can get from the Appalachian Trail. We knew this, and embraced it. It was for sure one of the reasons why we picked to do the Camino after the AT;  we wanted something different. Why not? Life is short, and we intend to keep experiencing and enjoying it as much as we can!

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